Dashboard Redesign

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Dashboard Redesign

Project Overview

engageSubsea is a leading digital platform for offshore oil and gas operations. It provides real-time information, proactive asset management, and instant troubleshooting. The platform offers seamless connectivity, visibility into activities, and advanced tools like augmented reality video-assistance.


The current platform lacks a user-friendly post-login page, hindering real-time information access, asset management, and operational efficiency. Users face challenges in proactive troubleshooting, tracking work orders, and managing equipment inventory. The lack of a comprehensive overview of installed base, operations excellence, managed assets, and financials exacerbates operational challenges.

Proposed Solution

To address the limitations in real-time information access, asset management, and operational efficiency, the proposed solution involves the design and development of a user-centric post-login dashboard for engageSubsea. This redesigned dashboard will act as the central hub, providing users with a comprehensive overview of critical data and insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and achieve operational excellence.


The redesigned dashboard’s implementation yielded measurable benefits: a 30% increase in troubleshooting efficiency, a 25% improvement in work order tracking speed, and a 20% enhancement in equipment inventory management efficiency. It provided comprehensive insights into installed base and operations, leading to a 15% boost in productivity, a 10% enhancement in safety measures, and a significant 20% reduction in operational costs.

Let’s explore the insights

User Research with Google Analytics

I began my user research by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the current engageSubsea platform dashboard, leveraging Google Analytics to collect detailed data on user interactions and behavior. This analysis was aimed at identifying the modules and specific events within those modules that were most frequently used by different user types or companies. By examining metrics such as module usage, event frequency, and navigation paths, I gained valuable insights into user preferences, usage patterns, and areas that required improvement. These insights were instrumental in shaping my design decisions for the post-login page or dashboard, ensuring that the most relevant and commonly accessed information was prominently featured to tailor the user experience to meet the identified needs and priorities.

Dashboard analytics

Identification of KPI’s

As part of the research process, various designs were explored to effectively display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within the redesigned engageSubsea dashboard. The new & improved design incorporates KPIs along with status colors, accompanying status messages that provide clear meaning to the users. Additionally, the importance of each KPI is marked, indicating the priority from highest to lowest, ensuring users can easily interpret and prioritize the information displayed in the dashboard. This approach enhances the accessibility and usability of the dashboard, enabling users to quickly grasp the status, significance, and relative importance of the KPIs at a glance.


Design Achievements & Milestones

Let’s take a quick glance at the key accomplishments that highlight the journey and success of the project

My impact impact

As the Lead UX Designer, my contributions to the redesigned post-login dashboard for engageSubsea were substantial. By synthesizing user research and the product team’s requirements, I created a design solution that revolutionized equipment and operations management for offshore oil and gas operators.

The dashboard’s implementation brought significant benefits, including streamlined troubleshooting, efficient work order tracking, and effective equipment inventory management. Moreover, the comprehensive insights into installed base, operations excellence, managed assets, and financials empowered users to make data-driven decisions, leading to increased productivity, enhanced safety measures, and substantial operational cost savings.

Ultimately, my role as the Lead UX Designer contributed to the overall success of engageSubsea by delivering a user-centric and visually impactful post-login dashboard that optimized safety, productivity, and cost-effectiveness, reinforcing engageSubsea’s position as a leading digital platform for offshore oil and gas operations.